Did you know Pelagos Apartments are located just 100m away from a big Shipwreck lying on the shore? Well, it's been already four years when one sunny and yet chilly morning it appeared just like that out of the blue. No one was there so locals called the Coast Guard. We found out it was a ship travelling probably from Libya transferring immigrants to Italy.


"Pelagos" is a Greek word, meaning "open sea"! We use it to describe seas like the Ionian Sea or Aegean Sea. So, Greeks say: "the Ionian Pelagos" or "the Aegean Pelagos". That's how we named our apartments, as this is what you get from your balconies: an open sea! Ionian Pelagos



Pelagos Apartments Corfu

Hotel Address:

Άγιος Γόρδιος Κέρκυρα Ελλάδα
Tηλ: +30 26610 53153
Fax: +30 26610 35237
Email: info@apartments-corfu.gr