Did you know Pelagos Apartments are located just 100m away from a big Shipwreck lying on the shore? Well, it's been already four years when one sunny and yet chilly morning it appeared just like that out of the blue. No one was there so locals called the Coast Guard. We found out it was a ship travelling probably from Libya transferring immigrants to Italy.

Somewhere on its way through the beautiful Mediterranean Sea the captain must has lost control of it. Italian authorities rescued all passengers and likely no one got hurt. The ship was pushed towards Corfu shore and our little gulf is where it stuck. Today, it's standing there massive and rusted by the water and sun of Ag. Gordios. Visitors love taking pictures and kids snorkel around it trying to reveal its secrets . It takes only 10' walk to go all the way down from Pelagos Apartments though a path to find the shipwreck. Tip: try to be there sunset time!


Pelagos Apartments Corfu

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