Corfu, Kerkyra in Greek, known from Homer as the island of Feakes, is located in the northwesternmost point of Greece and is the 7th largest of the country with around 120.000people. Its coastline of 217km creates an island full of beaches, inlets, gulfs and capes. With its large variety of scenic landscapes and picturesque areas fascinates every guest.

Corfu has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, while thanks to its high rainfall levels during the winter the vegetation is so lush that often people describe it as the 'green island'.

The Venetians, French and English conquerors of the island have influenced Corfiot people so much that even today are very keen in art and mostly music. Their architectural achievements stand there providing the Old Town of Corfu with a lovely atmosphere of another era. The island's English name, Corfu, has a byzantine origin (Korifo) thanks to the two peaks of mountain Pantokratoras that one sees approaching the island.

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